A Quick Summer recap…

Summer was crazy here, the calendar was full and every weekend came way too fast and were booked solid!  I wanted to go camping at least once before July…oh shoot…we never made it out this summer!  But, we had a great spring and summer anyhow!

Summer in my world is “Dog Show Season”.  Things start up in the spring and by summer there’s a show within reasonable driving distance just about every weekend.  My show season started a bit early this year.  In March, you may remember that Spartacus started and finished is AKC Beginner Novice (BN) title all in one weekend.  Then, in April, he earned his AKC Companion Dog (CD) title.  It wasn’t as pretty as I would have hoped, but we did it as a team and I learned a ton!

Hera has started to make her appearance in the conformation ring as well.  She’s maturing beautifully and has already earned her first 2 points.  I’m really looking forward to what a few more months will do as she continues to mature and really come into her own.  She’s making friends and settles in just about anywhere.  Often when attending dog shows I stay with friends, many of which also show dogs.  Hera’s made some travel buddies, her favorite of which is Liberty the English Setter.  Liberty’s sister Fiona is not quite as amused by Hera and Liberty’s wrestling and general level of “crazy”.


Hera learning the ropes of show dog afternoon nap from the always beautiful Vivi


Hera helping herself to the hotel bed


The fabulous Fiona


Aside from dogs, I got to complete a few projects.  I’m particularly proud of how my potting bench turned decorative table turned out!


Isn’t it cute?


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Springing Forward

Here in the midwest we’re having a warm up!  This has me starting to think about spring.  I’m not kidding myself, we’ve still got plenty of cold, wet, snowy days left for the season.  But it does make a person start to think ahead to green grass and sunshine!  And for me, I start getting motivated for dog show season.  The winter months have fewer shows but in a few months they really start popping up like Daisies!  Spartacus is done with his conformation show career, but he’s recently returned to the Obedience ring.  In January he picked up his AKC Beginner Novice title with three scores in the mid 190’s out of 200 for two FIRST places and a second place.  Best of all, people got see how smart bulldogs really are!

Tonight we’re off to some local pet stores to do a little training with distraction in preparation for his next trial in April.  I leave you with a picture of Sparty showing off some of his ribbons from his BN title.


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Crazy Love

When we got our first Bulldog, we had no idea what that would mean for our future.  As it turns out, you can’t have just one.  They’re hilarious.  They’re expressive.  They’re so darn cute.  They are so stubborn!  I admit, getting a Bulldog was not my idea, but as it turns out, I’m a huge fan.  Over the last 5 years we’ve made some amazing friends in Bulldogs, and it was only a matter of time that we added another to our home.

Enter Hera.

Crazy Eyed Girl

Hera was bred by my mentor’s in Bulldogs, Deb and Randy.  She was their pick of the litter, they’re show hopeful.  “Tulip” actually, was her name.  Along with her littermates Iris and Charlie.  At a dog show on a warm July night, I fell in love.  Not with that crazy face up there…I don’t know who that creature is!  Just kidding, it’s her…I told you they are expressive!  This is the face you get when it’s mealtime.  Anyway, the rest is history.  Hera joined us a few weeks later.  She’s our next show hopeful, showing great promise and fantastic Bulldog attitude.

Puppy Love

She’s growing up so fast, and already graduated from her first obedience class and her show career will start in the next few months.  She keeps us on our toes, and is a fantastic addition to the farm.




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Guard Donkey

Guard Donkey

I’d like to introduce you to Peaches, the lovable and very opinionated “guard donkey”.  Peaches is a mini-donkey and serves as the matriarch of the farm.  She takes her post seriously, announcing the arrival of visitors for the whole coulee to hear.  We got her to keep our horse Stella company and to give her a home when our Farrier took her in from a client who was fighting cancer.  While the circumstances were sad, Peaches has been a welcome addition to our home!

Peaches arrived in the spring by her red Ram 1500 chariot.  No really, we picked her up and drove the 30 miles home with her in the backseat of our pickup.  No doubt somewhere on the internet is a picture of Peaches, her derriere pressed against the window.  At one point she started releasing a few gases so we opened the window behind her as we drove through town.  Couldn’t we have used a horse trailer, you might ask?  Why yes, yes we could have, but she fit pretty well in the truck and it seemed like a bigger adventure.

Peaches the close talker

Peaches the close talker

Up next, we’ll be introducing you to our puppy, and newest show prospect.

For now, I leave you with some pictures of warmer days gone by…

Goofy and Sparty

Goofy and Sparty

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!

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A year, oh my!

I’ve thought about my blog now and then over the last year, but I just never made it on here.  I don’t know why.  In part, I probably needed a break to get off the computer a bit.  While I didn’t write a ton on my blog, I do spend a great deal on the computer between work, and free time.  But I think I’d like to come back, if you’ll have me.  I miss it, and life is teaching me so much that I’d love to share.  So hold on to you’re hats friends, the Midwest Funny Farm is back!  Complete with some new furry faces to be introduced.  I’ll start by featuring our new faces in their own blog posts in the coming days.

Meantime, back on the farm, you missed out on our summer weather…we’re back to winter.  Perhaps in the coming cold days, I’ll do some throwbacks to the warm-weather happenings.

Merry Christmas!

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Goodbye, Fast Boots, and the Feline Tyrant

It’s been a week of ups and downs around here.  We had to say goodbye to our resident “old man” kitty, Jamie last weekend.  He lived a nice long life, and his age has been catching up to him for several months now, but it doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye.

Spartacus got some fancy new booties to protect his paws from the severe cold we’ve had, combined with the salt that we’ve had to use to keep things under control.  While he doesn’t love them, he’s certainly a good sport about them, although he seems to prefer to run everywhere with them.  Our five year old nephew, Jack would be proud.  When we went snowshoeing as a family over Christmas, Jack brought his wonderful imagination with him and put his “fast boots” on to keep up with us.  When he started getting tired, he’d tell us they were running out of batteries, and we’d encourage him to keep going by convincing him we found new batteries.  So, here’s Spartacus in his very own “fast boots”

Spartacus and his new "fast boots

Spartacus and his new “fast boots

We also had a bit of a sleep over with our dear friends’ dog Gypsy while they were out of town for business for a few days.  Gypsy is a frequent visitor of our house, and has stayed with us several times but this time was an experience we haven’t had before!  Our indoor cat, Dora gets a long quite well with Spartacus, even plays with him on occasion.  She’s not a fan of any visiting dogs though, as we’ve watched a few that have had very poor cat manners.  Gypsy isn’t one of those dogs though.  She is interested in the cats until they look at her, at which time she promptly changes direction of travel and avoids eye contact.  The last several times Gypsy’s been with us, Dora has gotten rather brave, even following her around.  This latest time, however, she seemed to gain a whole new sense of confidence when she smelled Gypsy’s fear of her and spent two days straight down-right terrorizing poor Gypsy.

I knew this visit would be different when I got home from work to let Gypsy out (her owners dropped her off and crated her while I was at work) and she followed me into the bathroom.  A few seconds later, Dora appeared in the doorway…and there she stayed…staring at the dog with that crazy cat look in her eyes.  She was on a power trip, and a TERRIBLE hostess!

The Feline Terror

The Feline Tyrant

Dora wouldn’t move from the doorway, and Gypsy wouldn’t go anywhere near her.  I finally had to come to Gypsy’s rescue and chase Dora off.  The evening continued much the same way.  Gypsy quietly snoozed at my feet until Dora would appear out of no where, charge at her and Gypsy would go running, with Dora on her heels.  If Gypsy started to walk around you could hear exactly when Dora would appear and she’d quickly come running back, with Dora on her heels assuming the charging bear stance, puffed up, running slightly at an angle.  What’s that saying?  Oh yeah, cat’s are jerks!  Gypsy would resign to just laying as close to me as she could for protection.  She’d stay there for 15 minutes or so, then suddenly get up and move away.  When I’d start looking around, there Dora would be, creeping around the couch, chair, or coffee table, eyes fixed on Gypsy.

Please, save me!

Please, save me!

Here, Gypsy joined me in the bathroom getting ready for work, and became trapped as Dora perched herself right in the doorway.  Just staring at her, clearly knowing she was scaring the bejeezes out of the poor dog.  Seriously, she’s such a jerk!

Trapped again

Trapped again

I honestly love my cats, but Dora is a serious jerk…

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The Deep Freeze

Winter has really set in here and I’m not a fan.  Normally I kind of like winter, but when temperatures reach -20 without windchill (and -50 or worse with windchill!) I start to wonder why I live here!  The other day I was crossing the frozen tundra to give the barn animals water while a friend was complaining it was too warm in Florida, where it was a full 90 degrees hotter…not factoring in the terrible wind chill!  That same day I put a gallon of milk outside to freeze because we weren’t going to use it before the expiration date otherwise and it was a solid rock 2 1/2 hours later when I checked it.  I kid you not…I am living in a deep freeze.  Today, we reached a balmy 7 degrees above 0 and I was TICKLED!

Meanwhile, the barn kitties are bringing pure joy to our life around here.  Buddy, our fluffy black cat has been nicknamed Velcro, for her amazing ability to attach herself to anyone who will let her.  In this cold weather when we’re bundled up, she’ll climb up your leg and cling to your chest purring in your face before you even realize she’s nearby.  The other day she scrambled up my arm and perched on my shoulder as I walked by the hay bales she was sitting on.  Goofy is almost as friendly as Buddy, and only slightly better at respecting your personal space.  A few weeks ago we had guests staying with us and the barn cats were a big hit with the kids as they soaked up any and all attention directed in their general vicinity.

"Pleaase pet me!" -Goofy

“Pleaase pet me!” -Goofy


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